Beginner Book


Jost Nickel’s BEGINNER BOOK is perfect if you want to start or restart playing the drums and like to work practically.
You’re a drum teacher? You can absolutely use this book with your students.
We’ve cut out long theory explanations and replaced them with helpful tips on how to set up your drumset, and the techniques you need to play complete grooves right away.
Step by step, you’ll learn the corresponding music notation and you can listen to all exercises thanks to the online audio examples recorded by Jost himself.
With gradually increasing levels of difficulty you will; practice fills in different note values; play duets with a friend, your teacher, or the corresponding online audio tracks; and internalize various important playing techniques, such as ghost notes, cross stick, and rimshots.
As you progress, you will naturally train your coordination and timing, learn important standard patterns and develop an understanding of musical structures. The BEGINNER BOOK is well rounded off with Jost’s tips for effective practicing and several playlists with song examples for different playing techniques.